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That irksome area around your navel can leave many wondering, what we know is missing from the tummy exercises? Although it’s true that irrespective of how many sit-ups you need to do, an unhealthy lifestyle cannot be created for, that troublesome area can be handled by a few simple, very easy to do ab workouts that’ll have an impact when you are practicing good, healthy habits.? The best lower ab workouts for women target your lower midsection in order to get rid of that pesky pooch permanently! And make matters simpler, they are able to be finished with just your own personal bodyweight.

Equipment Needed:??Water for hydration, a heart monitor, interval timer

What to carry out: Repeat 2-3 categories of the exercises below. Complete the circuits 2-3 times. See videos below for demonstrations.

For optimal results, perform this routine along side a clear eating habits. You should definitely read 7 Easy steps to wash Eating.?


1. Sky Toe Touch C 30 reps
2. Lying Toe Touch?C 30 reps
3. Hip Lift C ?30 reps
4. Scissors C One minute.
5. Roll Ups C 30 reps
6. Leg Raises C ?30 reps

Sky Toe Touch

Lying Toe Touch

Hip Lift


Roll Ups

Leg Raises

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