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Great abs take working hard, although not long work. Instead of crunching for?minute after minute, striving for length, we’ve made a quick ab workout hitting many of the major areas inside your core, but additionally deliver a burn from a almost no time. If this burns, you’ll know it’s working.

In accessory crunches, you’ll be including jacknifes, toe touches, heel touches, leg lifts, flutter kicks, plus a Russian twist. This a number of exercises leaves no section of your core overlooked!

Equipment Needed:?yoga mat, 1 medium dumbbell (8-12lbs), Interval Timer?(Gymboss may be a free app download)

What to Do:?Perform each exercise for 45 seconds without having rest period somewhere between. Perform this routine 3x per week to acquire amazing abs. Because your abs get stronger, add on more rounds and rest for 1 minute between each round.

Beginner’s Level:?1 round
Intermediate Level:?2 rounds
Advanced Level:?3 rounds


1. Inside and outside Crunches
2. Leg Lifts
3. Dumbbell Russian Twist
4. Dumbbell Jackknife
5.?Alternating Toe Touches
6.?Alternating Heel Touch
7.?Dumbbell Jackknife
8. Flutter Kick

In & Out Crunches

Leg Lifts

Dumbbell Russian Twist

Dumbbell Jackknife

Alternating Heel Touch

Flutter Kick

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