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By SkinnyMs.

A little ball of fluff named ‘Tardar Sauce’ became famous when her naturally sour expression took off like a viral meme. Helpful to mock anything from celebrities on the Super Bowl, the feline referred to as Grumpy Cat can be an endless method to obtain entertainment for sarcastic and sharp-witted internet commenters. To your viewing pleasure (and maybe your lunch hour distraction), here i will discuss 9 of the greatest grumpy cat memes.

The original. Always a vintage.

How can a creature so cute be so evil?!

This cat may be the world’s worst football fan.

Not funny. We still cry when Jack lets go of this door. Every. Time.

How cuddly could be the little guy on the left, though?

Sometimes, you’re just not within the mood.

It was probably a Monday.


No words necessary.

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