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By SkinnyMs.

We’ve all been there-that moment you walk in the door to uncover your sweet little angels have wreaked chaos on the house. While it’s definitely not amusing whenever it occurs, we got to laugh at a few of these funny pet pictures of animals caught red handed (ahem, red pawed?).

“What? It’s like it’s snowing!”


And that can have been a good looking sweater.


“Who, me?”


What a shameless scavenger!


Someone is certainly over the naughty list this Christmas.


“Oh, hey. I’m just uh- hanging out.”


In his defense, those sandwiches are delicious.




That’s one way to tell someone you do not similar to their taste in shower curtains.


“This is precisely buying and selling domains thought it was. It’s terrible, it’s really?”


“I love Manolos around you do, mom!”

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