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Watermelon is one of summer’s staples, but is always that extra piece on a BBQ best for your state of health? Similar numerous you’d like to learn the response to that question, like a recent Search engine established that over 22,000 people asked that exact question similar to the weather got warmer.?

Your answer: A resounding?yes.?

Watermelon it not just the quintessential summer dessert, it can also help you cure an extended day at the beach. Lycopene, an antioxidant giving watermelons (as well as tomatoes and guava) their beautiful red colors, can certainly help repair scars from the sunburn. Lycopene along with other factors of watermelon are thought to be provide?cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory benefits, and?it can benefit prevent a sunburn in the first place-though in the end you must apply sunscreen. (Related: 8 Foods That really help The body Get over A good Vacation to The Beach.)?

Hot weather means hydration is extra important. At 92 percent water, watermelon assists you to feel full, keeps you hydrated, and at 46 calories per cup it certainly can’t put you over your calorie goals. Watermelon is yet another good supply of vitamin C, which helps keep the skin wrinkle-free by helping to produce collagen, protect your body with the damage the result of poisons, and conserve the absorption of iron. Including it?packs a vitamin, that may benefit eye health and overall immune function.

One aspect to note: Watermelon is usually carbohydrates, nonetheless it comes with fewer carbs per cup when compared to its summer melon cousins, cantaloupe and honeydew. The single thing watermelon vaguely lacks is potassium and fiber (only 2/3 of a gram per cup). Regardless, this goes to show that yes, you might have that extra piece without thinking.?

If you are looking for more different options to nibble on this delicious melon,?try chopping it and topping?with feta cheese, arugula, mint, basil, salt, and pepper. Or look into the other RD-approved recipes.