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If you’re preparing to workout with this?6 Week Walk/Run Calendar, music motivation may make a big difference. Retro music will give you a another feel when compared to current tunes. Nostalgia hits with every and every song, and?you’ll undoubtedly see memories and fun memories.?This retro workout playlist will give you most of the energy and buzz you need to feel much better whilst you tackle and transition from walk, runs, and jogs.

1. Express Yourself
Charles Wright, The Watts 103rd. Street Rhythm Band C 92 BPM Amazon/iTunes

2. A week ago A DJ Saved My Life
Indeep?C 110 BPM Amazon/iTunes

3. Adopt Me
a-ha C?85?BPM Amazon/iTunes

4. Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’
Michael Jackson C 122 BPM Amazon/iTunes

5. Plus the Beat Goes On
The Whispers C 115 BPM Amazon/iTunes

6. Conga
Gloria Estefan, Miami Sound Machine C 122 BPM Amazon/iTunes

7. Rhythm from the Night
DeBarge C 116 BPM Amazon/iTunes

8. Anyway You desire It
Journey C 138 BPM Amazon/iTunes

9. Danger Zone
Kenny Loggins C 157 BPM Amazon/iTunes

10. Jungle Boogie
Kool & The Gang C 107 BPM Amazon/iTunes

11. We’re Not Gonna Take It
Twisted Sister C 149 BPM Amazon/iTunes

12. Hit Me Together with your Best Shot
Pat Benetar C 137 BPM Amazon/iTunes

13. Push It
Salt-N-Peppa C 127 BPM Amazon/iTunes

14. Lovely Day
Bill Withers C 98 BPM Amazon/iTunes

15. Power up The Jam
Technotronic C 125 BPM Amazon/iTunes

16. Wild Thing
Tone Loc C 125 BPM Amazon/iTunes

17. The new Prince of Bel-Air
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The newest Prince C 101 BPM Amazon/iTunes

18. Provides it Away
Red Hot Chili Peppers C 92 BPM Amazon/iTunes

19. Some tips i Like About You
The Romantics C 160 BPM Amazon/iTunes

20. Rock You wish A Hurricane
Scorpions C 124 BPM Amazon/iTunes

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