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By SkinnyMs.

Every animal owner knows that household pets is able to do some pretty strange things. Even though some weird pet behaviors is likely to be reason to be concerned, other activities are pretty harmless. We’ll explain why our pets do a couple of within the seemingly crazy things they actually do.

Growling at Other Dogs

Is the dog perfectly gentle with humans, but aggressive toward other dogs? It would be the effect of an unpleasant interaction with another canine before. If you fail to see in a situation which?could possibly have prompted the behaviour, chances are your pet isn’t really aware of other dogs. If he’s an “only child” and spends the vast majority of his time around humans, other dogs may look unusual or downright frightening in your pooch. Try introducing him slowly to some docile dog, preferably one that’s less space-consuming than they’re.

Eating Feces

While this behavior incorporates a major ‘ick’ factor, experts agree it’s just a natural dog instinct. Dogs evolved as scavengers, and in reality, animal feces is really a cause of protein. Discourage your dog from eating stool since you would with other unwanted behavior, and make certain when you’ve got cats the kitten is driven out to your dog’s reach. Be sure to mention this behavior so when the truth is your vet, as it could be a signal of a nutrient deficiency.

Kneading Her Paws

Does your cat move her paws to and fro for you or simply a soft blanket, that she’s kneading dough? This is usually a comfort mechanism, as a baby sucking for a pacifier. It is equally a sign of affection. This behavior develops soon there after birth as kittens nurse of their mother. Some cats quickly lose the behaviour, while some thanks as adults. In the event it doesn’t bother you, nothing could possibly be wrong along with it.


Some pets are usually more sociable as opposed to runners, and you’ll get to learn rather quickly how much time alone your puppy or cat prefers. Yet, if your pet is spending more time alone than normal, specially if he is very much hiding from you-like under beds or in closets-it might be here we are at a visit to the vet. From the wild, a sick or injured animal is a vulnerable animal. So, it’s natural to be able to search for quiet, hidden spaces after getting not feeling up to par.

Rolling in Grass

It’s usual to observe this will be significant within the park thoughts rolling around from the grass. There are many explanations behind this seemingly erratic-albeit cute-behavior. Sometimes it’s purely for fun. Dogs love the feeling on the coarse grass against their skin, similar to a back scratch. Additionally this is a stinkier reason. Dogs love to analyze anything smelly, from garbage completely to another dog’s urine, plus some go with regards to to roll around from it. Rolling inside the grass is harmless, but be warned-your pooch might have to have an extensive bath afterwards!

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