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One of the most extremely difficult areas of fibromyalgia is the place where challenging it might be to get a detailed diagnosis. There are a selection of other concerns that could mimic the signs and symptoms like fatigue and muscle pain. Thus, you can definitely find yourself being told that you’ve fibromyalgia when you actually suffer from another thing. The other of the extremely common types of condition that create similar symptoms is autoimmune diseases.

But getting an exact diagnosis is the initial step on the path to treatment. That’s why it’s extremely important to be aware of a few of the other possibilities. And that which in your mind, let’s mention five different autoimmune diseases which can mimic fibromyalgia.

Autoimmune Diseases That Mimic Fibromyalgia

Autoimmune diseases are due to the body’s disease fighting capability attacking its own tissue. Even so the form that variety of disease may take may vary widely dependant on where and how the illness affects you. But all these conditions cause symptoms comparable to fibromyalgia like fatigue, muscle pain, and mental fog.

Sjogren’s Syndrome

Sjogren’s syndrome is the result of antibodies brought to life by the defense mechanisms attacking the moisture producing glands within the eyes and mouth. As a result, these glands inside throat could possibly get swollen and painful. And the eyes in many cases are chronically dry, and that is usually quite painful, as it may think that you might have sand rubbing as part of your eyes.

Like any autoimmune condition, Sjogren’s is often dangerous gets hotter causes progressive injury to vital organs such as kidneys.

The dryness inside mouth and eyes is the easiest method to share with cures besides fibromyalgia. However in the earlier stages in the event the symptoms are restricted to muscle weakness and fatigue it can be more challenging.


Lupus has become the most familiar autoimmune diseases. That is likely due to the fact not wearing running shoes results in a distinctive rash round the face. This malar or “butterfly” rash extends in one side within the face to another. Like every autoimmune condition, it causes fatigue and muscle pain.

In addition, it may be fatal if ever the inflammation will cause organ damage. Employing most all cases, Lupus seemingly manageable.

Lupus is to tell apart from fibromyalgia when you don’t enjoy the distinctive external rash. But there are lots of tests that doctors can do to determine for people with lupus.


Vasculitis is usually an autoimmune condition that affects the veins. It triggers inflammation with the lining of your veins. As time passes this will cause damage which might eventually hinder your body’s capability to transport blood. This general inflammation of bloodstream also causes symptoms akin to fibromyalgia including fatigue and muscle pain.

As with these condition, organ damage is actually a risk but is frequently manageable.

Vasculitis is commonly hard to distinguish from fibromyalgia as soon as possible. But doctors can try your blood for elevated antibody levels that helps make an analysis.

Myasthenia Gravis

Myasthenia gravis is often a condition marked by facial muscle weakness. Usually, it can be most noticeable?whenever it causes only one side in the face to droop or palsy. Myasthenia gravis damages the connection between nerves as well as the muscles which will make it hard to operate voluntary muscle movements. That is why the eyelids and face appear to droop.

It can also lead to difficulty with speech just like you might see in someone using a stroke. Also, you can get difficulties with chewing or swallowing food. And finally, it may also be fatal if it results in permanent organ damage.

This drooping in the facial muscles is an obvious giveaway that the patient seriously isn’t affected by fibromyalgia. But the disease is progressive. So it might be a while before it’s obvious.

Guillain-barre Syndrome

Guillain-barre syndrome can be a condition the location where the body’s defence mechanism really attack the nerves. The nerves inside the body accounts for controlling muscle movements, so someone with Guillain-barre syndrome will most likely experience progressive paralysis. The earliest signs are really a general weakness of the muscles and fatigue, often along with pain and tingling from the nerves.

In many cases, the disorder progresses rapidly. And within several weeks following the first symptoms appear, the disorder is generally at its worse. Occasionally, the paralysis becomes so severe that it could be terminal. Luckily, in case the condition is detected early on, doctors generally stabilize the sufferer and their vital systems functioning while themselves recovers. Though the tastes patients really have residual muscle weakness.

The most apparent variance this problem and fibromyalgia is the rapidity which it takes place. That’s why it’s vital that you recognize earlier signs.

As always, attending to early symptoms and just how they consist of fibromyalgia is the best option at having the right diagnosis. So tell us, have you gotten misdiagnosed as a consequence of an autoimmune disease? What do you do? Reveal inside comments.