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Weights are a great exercise tool to build strength, but they also often overshadow resistance bands. Resistance bands are available different colors to represent the quality of resistance they provide, so certain colors are certainly more difficult as opposed to. These tools are easy to use, are simple to travel with, and can help tone you from head to toe.

This could the the full body toning workout! Here’s the issue: we would like that you time how much time it will require one to do the workout the 1st time. Then every time you do the workout, time yourself. We would like to aid you a toned and tight body. Resistance bands are excellent tools for just that, get ready in this total body challenge!

Equipment Needed: a collection of resistance bands, water for hydration and a soft surface to workout on.

What to undertake:??The aim of this concern may be for that you achieve?quicker times, that could mean you’ll need less rest, all of which will you have to be efficient with this resistance bands workout. The very first time that you are doing this workout, time yourself. Take rests when you wish to, go as slowly as you wish to, after which you can just keep timing yourself any time you complete workout to view yourself improving?in relation to speed. Perform this 3x 7 days for a couple weeks.


1. Squat with Leg Raises
2. Upright Rows
3. Lunges with Overhead Press
4. Chest Press
5. Donkey Kicks
6. Tricep Extensions
7. Abdominal Tucks
8. Abdominal Bicycle

Squat with Leg Raises

Upright Rows

Lunges with Overhead Press

Chest Press

Donkey Kicks

Tricep Extensions

Abdominal Tucks

Abdominal Bicycle

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