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remains a medical mystery. It appears as if everyday we’re learning increasingly more with regards to the condition. But?there are plenty of more points that we don’t know. Do you know why fibromyalgia causes people to experience weird symptoms like itching, or frequent urination? How is it that fibromyalgia causes much pain to prospects that suffer of computer? And above all, what may cause fibromyalgia in the first place?

We don’t have many hard a look at these questions.?But there are a lot of theories that had been proposed to describe some possible fibromyalgia causes. Some tend to be more convincing than the others, but understanding a few of the stuff that could potentially cause fibromyalgia will help us see the condition better. So now are among the best theories about fibromyalgia.


Microglia can be a special form of immune cell which will pass directly over the barrier out of your blood in the brain. Doctors have already been studying microglia for many years because the role they’re known to play in degenerative brain disorders like Alzheimer’s. The notion is that microglia begin attacking the brain itself, that can cause inflammation additionally, the destruction of brain cells that cause Alzheimer’s.

But, identical mechanism could possibly be essentially the most significant fibromyalgia causes. A minimum of, that’s the notion that Dr. Jared Younger, on the University of Alabama, has proposed. While studying patients with fibromyalgia, he discovered something important. Their degrees of leptin, a hormone located in the blood, were significantly?higher than normal. In addition to that, but he had the ability to predict the degree of their fibromyalgia symptoms based upon their amounts of leptin.

Younger proposed a theory which the leptin in fibromyalgia patients is triggering the microglia while in the brain. And since microglia can be a major factor with the body’s immune response, the fatigue and muscle pains that normally include that immune response are triggered in the process. So in this particular theory, fibromyalgia is often a prolonged immune response caused by the activation of microglia during the brain. It’s a useful theory that can explain a lot of the signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia. It comes with it fingers the defense mechanisms like a way to obtain potential fibromyalgia causes is right in step with a number of other theories.

Autoimmune Disease

The proven fact that the body’s defense mechanisms is associated with fibromyalgia is essential to several theories about fibromyalgia causes. The most interesting ones is that often fibromyalgia is really an autoimmune disease.

Autoimmune diseases originate your body’s defence mechanism commencing to attack your individual body as opposed to foreign viruses and bacteria. And several autoimmune diseases cause symptoms which are like the warning signs of fibromyalgia, like?rheumatism and lupus, which both cause joint pain and fatigue.

Another sign that fibromyalgia may very well be an autoimmune disease is that often people that have fibromyalgia usually have these kinds of autoimmune diseases at the same time, at the higher proportion compared to other population. Because autoimmune diseases often match, this might be evidence that fibromyalgia is caused by an autoimmune disorder.

But you will find complications with this theory. The thing is that, practically in most autoimmune diseases, patients provide an elevated degree of immune cells inside blood. That’s his or her body’s defense mechanisms no longer has enough balance, producing extra immune cells that attack your body. But those with fibromyalgia don’t have consistently higher amounts of these immune cells the way those that have lupus do. So, regardless of the odd extremely similar symptoms, the research signifies that this common theory?that fibromyalgia causes lay in autoimmune disease is probably not correct.

Nerve Disorders

Another condition that may seem to affect people who fibromyalgia for a higher-level versus the general inhabitants are something called small fiber peripheral neuropathy (or SFPN). About half of fibromyalgia patients in just one study tested positive for that condition, which is the result of injury to the tiny nerves within the skin.

SFPN doesn’t independently produce each of the warning signs of fibromyalgia, but the indisputable fact that it’s found once in a while in people with fibromyalgia suggests that nerve disorders is likely to be the most significant fibromyalgia causes. Nerves inside the body sensitization is actually a condition the place that the connection between the nerves and brain become damaged. Considering that the brain plays a significant role in interpreting pain signals, leading to widespread pain through the entire body.

The issue with ascribing fibromyalgia to nerve damage is while those that have fibromyalgia frequently have the signs and symptoms of nerve disorders (and the opposite way round), it’s not universal. Not all people with fibromyalgia has nerve damage. This doesn’t eliminate the possibility that it’s one of many central fibromyalgia causes. Becoming fitter our procedures for testing to your disorders just aren’t precise enough. But at the moment, this is certainly one theory that needs to be taken using a grain of salt.

Until small children more information on the causes of fibromyalgia or even why it causes the outward symptoms it can do, handling the bottom of the issue of fibromyalgia continues to beyond our grasp.

But what is your opinion? Do you have a theory about fibromyalgia causes? Tell us inside the comments.