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Regardless of this age and degree of fitness, sometimes your joints take some break even when you?still wish to workout. Those people who are injury prone, and whorrrre also starting a workout routine for the first time, may be helped by possessing a low impact workout designed?to get a body that must be eased into fitness.

This low impact workouts are built to look at all major areas of the body without the presence of excess tension of weights, equipment, or gravity causing excessive strain on our joints. All these moves were made to put little resistance on your joints whilst still being provide your muscles a very good burn to enhance strength and make you healthy.

Equipment Needed:?Yoga mat, chair, interval timer (Gymboss may be a free app download)

What to perform:?Perform each exercise for 45 seconds in a controlled pace, resting for 20 seconds and move onto the subsequent exercise. Alternate sides when necessary ahead of moving onto the next exercise


1. Step-Ups
2. Wall Push-Ups
3. Clam Shells L/R
4. Bird Dog Exercise L/R
5. Alternating Heel Touch
6. Incline Mountain Climber
7. Knees to Chest Hug


Wall Push-Ups

Clam Shells L/R

Bird Dog Exercise L/R

Alternating Heel Touch

Incline Mountain Climber

Knees to Chest Hug

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