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Your core are at center of everthing, literally. With a robust and tight core, everything else becomes increasingly manageable. Your core can be an active part of every movement you do. Walking, running, lifting and virtually every single exercise involves the core.

This 5-minute routine will burn your abs to exhaustion. For the reason that abs undoubtedly are a large muscle, we’ll use a heavy weight to have them taught to their full potential. Push yourself through this routine and flatten that belly properly.

Equipment Needed: Interval Timer (Gymboss may be a free app download), one heavy weight(think 20-25 lbs), yoga mat or soft surface

What to accomplish: Review the workouts below and enjoy the videos to become familiarized with each exercise. Perform each exercise for any designated time. Repeat this workout 3 x a week to strengthen and ?tighten your core.

1. Dumbbell Side Bend –?30 seconds on each side
2. Russian Twist –?1 minute
3. Dumbbell Crunch –?1 minute
4. Weighted Jack Knife –?1 minute
5. Dumbbell Star Crunch –?30 seconds
6. Dumbbell Toe Touch –?30 seconds

Dumbbell Side Bend

Russian Twist

Dumbbell Crunch

Weighted Jack Knife

Dumbbell Star Crunch, Dumbbell Toe Touch

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