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By SkinnyMs.

They mention that animals sometimes resemble people, however, these 9 lookalike pets are dead ringers for other unusual objects. You get a kick out from the funny pet pictures we tracked down.

Grab a fresh towel-but careful, could possibly dog in it! Do you spot this cozy looking little guy? We think Downy can buy the rights and work out this their next ad campaign!

These three beautiful blondes were caught gossiping during the ring prior to the Crufts dog show. That is just? The fistful of hairbrushes can make it clear that they’ve just finished primping those lovely manes.

This cute kitten matches perfectly with those yummy looking loaves of bread- though discussing so positive that we should sample them now!

Chewy? Is you? This pooch looks strikingly a lot like famed Star Wars character Chewbacca. Think he signs plenty of autographs?

Nope, this is not a mop you consider hiring. It’s really a cat! We understand how it feels to get up which has a bad case of bedhead.

Looks such as a naughty pup began the pantry. Appears like this cutie thought an item of bread can make an effective disguise.

This less-than-ferocious mutt was mistaken by a few Virginia resident for a baby lion roaming the neighborhood; these people were so frightened they called 911! We have seen the resemblance, however, this dog’s giant grin is often a dead giveaway.

Here’s another lion lookalike-this amount of the stuffed bear variety.

Fighting crime and looking out adorable executing it! This cuddly kitty looks similar to our favorite superhero.

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