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When you worry many of your body parts, you may relax and lay low, as well as the pain?usually goes away completely. Unfortunately, our knees never quite get?the message. They take most of a beating during the day that it requires awhile to have some relief. Simple everyday movements?for example walking up stairs, bending down (properly, not at the waist), and standing put force on our knee.

This training regimen will help strengthen the knee joints plus the surrounding muscles. Stronger muscles provide more support and take away excessive tension, while exercise permits the joints to remain more fluid and move freely. Placed the ice bag away as well as begin freeing yourself from pain!

Equipment Needed:?Interval timer (Gymboss is actually a free app download), yoga mat or soft surface, chair, step or plyometric box

What to accomplish: Evaluate the workouts below watching each video for proper form. Perform these exercise with controlled motions to completely work the muscles and joint. Rest 60 seconds or so after each exercise. If doing multiple rounds, rest 2 minutes.

Beginner’s Level: 1 round
Intermediate Level: 2 rounds
Advanced Level: 3 rounds


1. Single Leg Wall Slide?– 12 reps each leg
2. Hip Abductions?– 12 reps either side.
3. Standing Hamstring Curl?– 12 reps all sides.
4. Alternating Step-Ups?– 1 minute
5. Sumo Squat?– 1 minute

Single Leg Wall Sit

Hip Abductions

Standing Hamstring Curl

Alternating Step-Ups

Sumo Squat

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