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By SkinnyMs.

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Let’s be realistic. Relating to fresh living and organic cuisine, you simply can’t beat the best raw food restaurants in California. Having a deft range of fresh eats which might be inspired, filling, and taste as beautiful because they look, these restaurants top the list of delicious places to eat for LA’s health conscious.

Ranging from date-night destinations to chill cafes and quick little bistros, these eateries really should not missed during any hunt for LA’s raw food scene.

1.?LifeFood Organic
Cost bracket:
Location: 1507 Cahuenga Blvd L . a ., CA 90028
Try this: The raw vegan falafel is often a fashionable with customers who crave something healthy but super filling.
Description: The menu at LifeFood Organic concerns cleansing, in the custom smoothies on the amazing seasonal menu showcasing simply living foods. With a lot of fresh wraps, sushi, salads, burgers, and in many cases pizza, eating raw has not tasted so excellent at this Hollywood staple.

Range of prices:
Location: 2301 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405
Try this: Come early and opt for the Avocado Cheese Scramble, constructed with scrambled cashews, bell pepper, red onions, mushrooms, seed cheese, and blue corn chips.
Description: It is a lot to like at RAWvolution, featuring a heaping menu of breakfast, lunch, and dinner fare. Colorful and surprising, patrons can get classic comfort food dishes, like pizza and nachos, but a surprisingly healthy and satisfying raw twist.

3.?M.A.K.E. Santa Monica
Price range:
Location: 395 Santa Monica Place, Ste 333, Santa Monica, CA 90401
Try this: this marketplace tomato lasagna, a lot more season, is usually a colorful and heaping dish with fresh zucchini slices, basil, and all the rich flavors with the Italian classic.
Description: The raw food at M.A.K.E. is as clean and pristine for the reason that restaurant itself, defining it as an inviting locale to dive in a raw, vegan and freshly seasonal meal. With gorgeous plates which might be almost too pretty to eat, the famed M.A.K.E. by Matthew Kenney is definitely an inspired date night destination.

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4.?Real Food Daily
Price range: $$
Location: 899 E Del Mar Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91106
Try this: The Mexico City tacos, with red chili beans, tempeh, peppers, cashew cheese, avocado and jicama slaw, is actually a filling favorite that may be better pc tastes.
Description: As the name indicate, Real Food Daily will be the go-to for fresh fare that’s undeniably healthy, and crafted with the best live ingredients. With a arena of brunch, lunch and dinner choices, which has a choice of worldly inspirations from Tex Mex to Italian, patrons will find new stuff and exciting to attempt.

5.?Sun Cafe
Price Range: $$
Location: 10820 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604
Try this: Raw Zucchini Lasagna C slices of zucchini layered with pesto, spinach, cashew ricotta, SunChorizo, marinara & cashew cheese!
Description: SunCafe was voted best raw restaurant L.A. 2010 and #3 on the globe by BestOfRaw, The SunCafe is dedicated to serving healthy, organic, exceptional tasting meals loaded with vibrant flavors. They have an every week Raw Food Cooking Class every Saturday at 9am!

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