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By SkinnyMs.

From wearable technology for dogs to fine dining for felines, entrepreneurs are cashing in on pet startups-and it’s paying back. Using the American Pet Products Association, American consumers spent a predicted $58 billion for their pets in 2014-a number that’s grown each and every year over the past twenty years.

Wearable Tech

As we become more acquainted with being connected 24/7, it’s only natural which we want to make our pets a part of our digital world. The high-tech products which have recently entered regarding pets mirror new innovations while in the human realm.

Take Fitbark, which tracks your dog’s vital signs and give analysis into his behavior. It is just a lot such as human fitness gadget Fitbit, that’s flourished throughout the fitness community and beyond. Another example is PetChatz, a Skype-like platform that lets you communicate with your pet if you are away from home. Should there be a fresh tech product humans love, odds are there is soon often be a version available for our dogs.

Luxury Living

Leaving the family pet for any extended period of time? Never fear. Now she will be in a kennel that puts many hotels to shame. Take Wagsworth Manor around the outskirts of Philadelphia, by way of example. The $6 million facility boasts an indoor swimming pool, doggie massages, and 24,000 square footage for Fido to learn (when he’s not resting in his luxury suite, not surprisingly).

Leaving a cat? No problem. Look at gallery of “cat condos” at the Morris Animal Inn in New Jersey. The two-story suites with unobstructed glass walls supply the epitome of kitty comfort.

The Travel Channel has even devoted a piece of the company’s website to the superior luxury pet hotels. With boarding facilities as nice as the, your pet will be itching to be able to take your next vacation.

Gourmet Goodies

Finally, there’s the ever-growing sub-market for specialized dog and cat food. As phrases like ‘gluten-free’ and ‘non-GMO’ become part of our dietary vernacular, we’re paying closer care about what we’re feeding our pets. Business owners just like your Pet Chef have put their hands up throughout the country to answer a requirement for home-cooked dog food, delivering meals with all-natural ingredients straight away to your house. And products like doggie cake pans can be found right alongside the rolling pins at national retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond.

The point is, there’s never been a better time for you to start a business for pets. Entrepreneurs have become better at adapting well known technologies and merchandise for our own four-legged close relatives to enjoy.

Source: American Pet Products Association Pet Industry Spending Figures & Future Outlook

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