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In the offices of we discuss and come up with several problems that affect people who live with a fibro diagnosis. While we blog about these issues, we have been made to use terms that represent the population. I realize in my opinion, I frequently have wondered what this population likes to be called. Labels are usually not preferred in the least by so many, in our current society they are unavoidable. This thought ignited a discussion for the different titles that sufferers (see, I merely this) like to be called: Fibro warriors, sufferers, patients, spoonies, etc. It becomes an try and address this inquiry, and also to give our readers enable you to weigh in on which they believe can be an appropriate term to represent the area.

Fibro Sufferers

Any time that we are writing about pain or symptoms, it’s easy to toss this title around as it is obvious that a lot of those that endure this problem actually are suffering. Every human suffers mentally, physically, or emotionally in the course of their life, but Fibro everyone is instructed to experience more like it that a majority of. The Webster’s dictionary definitions of “suffer” are:

transitive verb

1 ? ? ?a : ?to submit to possibly expected to endure:?suffer martyrdom : ?

b :to feel keenly : ?labor under:?suffer thirst

2: ?undergo, experience

3: ?helping put on top of especially as inevitable or unavoidable

4: ?permitting especially by reason of indifference: the eagle suffers little birds to sing – William Shakespeare

intransitive verb

1: ?to have death, pain, or distress

2: ?to sustain loss or damage

3: ?to generally be be more responsive to disability or handicap

Most these definitions seem to apply at Fibromyalgia. It can be something you are forced to endure, labor under, and they are susceptible to, and it’s also unavoidable, or if you may not be troubled with it. However, likely to underlying experience of victimization that could be associated with the word suffering. People at different stages with the procedure for this disease may go through like a victim, while others would like to distance themselves from that status. I am aware, as somebody who has dealt with chronic pain for quite some time, I may feel the spectrum from victim to warrior throughout a mid-day.

Fibro Warriors

This the first is the full opposite end from the spectrum from suffering. This term is empowerment. Fibro warriors are usually not prepared to certainly be a victim, but fights operating their being out of this condition. It is really an important tool within the mindset of any individual who lives with chronic pain, but also for some Fibro warriors?seems too militant to distinguish with the time. There’s no doubt that that through the disorder, everyone will swiftly come to feel like Fibro warriors, nonetheless it probably are not the most beneficial term for just anyone everyday.


This is one kind of my own favorites. The theory behind this concept is Spoon Theory that truly claims that individuals who address certain disorders need to ration their energy use throughout the day. They measure energy “units” in spoons, hence the name. This idea is really a component of my entire life well before I had put together have you heard of Spoon Theory. When utilizing this term in writing, only a few Fibro people actually relate to (or indeed be familiar with) Spoon Theory, as a result it might be problematic. Also, Spoony can put on to numerous conditions other than Fibro, so some might not exactly feel it’s an adequate term to classify Fibro people.

Fibro Community

This can be a term that includes a lot of positive connected to it. A very important factor that many of us try to foster at can be a destination for this community to communicate, learn, and grow. The fibro community may be a strongly united group, and this will be far harder without that community you meet to listen, empathize, and help each other. The only real drawback to using community is it is not an great term for individual identification. However, firo community are invariably part of Treating.

Fibro Patients

If you’ve ever been in your doctor for Fibro related reasons, then you are a fibro patient. This term seems very clinical, and shows that buy treatment. This could be true, but that is only one part of anyone working with fibro.

That seems to be the difficulty all sorts of of such titles. They just don’t adequately describe the entirety within the expertise in anyone with fibro, only among the many facets of living with the disorder.

Is there a phrase that covers everything? If you are, the facts? Just how do you would rather be addressed, and just what do you identify yourself as? Please comment below and let us know your feelings.