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Sometimes, nostalgia puts us in the relaxed state of reminiscence. Because of this 80’s playlist, we’ll perhaps you’ve reminiscing, but there’s not a way you’ll be relaxed. This playlist is centered on sweating it?out while staying?stuck prior to now. Great music is timeless, so grab your headband, leg warmers, and spandex and prepare to possess some lighter moments!

1. Bust a Move
Young MC ?C 117 BPM Amazon/iTunes

2. Love is a Battlefield
Pat Benatar?C 91 BPM Amazon/iTunes

3. It’s going to take Two
Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock?C 112 BPM Amazon/iTunes

4. Hungry Like the Wolf
Duran Duran?C 127 BPM Amazon/iTunes

5. Manic Monday
The Bangles?C 122 BPM Amazon/iTunes

6. Shake It Up
The Cars?C 147 BPM Amazon/iTunes

7. Let’s Dance
David Bowie?C 115 BPM Amazon/iTunes

8. That we got The Beat
The Go-Go’s?C 152 BPM Amazon/iTunes

9. I’m Bad?
LL Cool J?C 93 BPM Amazon/iTunes

10. Rock You love a Hurricane
Scorpions?C 126 BPM Amazon/iTunes

11. It’s the End of the entire world as We Know It (we Feel great)
R.E.M?C 103 BPM Amazon/iTunes

12. We Didn’t Start the Fire
Billy Joel?C 143 BPM Amazon/iTunes

13. Opposites Attract
Paula Abdul?C 118 BPM Amazon/iTunes

14. You bought It (The proper Stuff)
New Kids In the street?C 111 BPM Amazon/iTunes

15. Girls Only desire to Have Fun
Cyndi Lauper?C 120 BPM Amazon/iTunes

16. Love Shack
The B-52’s?C 134 BPM Amazon/iTunes

17. I adore Rock N’ Roll
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts?C 94 BPM Amazon/iTunes

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