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By SkinnyMs.

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Cite the cool surfer vibe as well as melting pot population where a huge selection of different cultures combine, nevertheless for whatever your reason, L . a . houses an enormous amount of delicious, eclectic, and downright healthy burrito joints.

With inspired flavors, garden-fresh ingredients, and hearty helpings that are satisfying along with nutritious, L.A. locals and newcomers alike can get lots of excellent reasons to dive into your unofficial favorite food of beach lovers and health-conscious SoCal foodies everywhere.

1.?Ocho Mexican Grill
Price structure:
Location: 630 W 6th Street, Suite 110A, New york, CA 90017
Try this: The Vegetarian with vegan tofu, a topping of crisp veggies, and also the cool diced yellow salsa is a vegan delight which doesn’t skimp on colorful flavor.
Description: This hip burrito bistro has 800 different ways to dine, with fresh Mexican fare accessible in many different forms, along with the signature burritos, bowls, salads, or tacos. Pick an entre, an ingredient, and a selection of fresh toppings and condiments to make your own private distinguished masterpiece, crafted with all the best local ingredients.

2.?Baja Bud’s
Price range:
Location: 11205 National Blvd, Chicago, CA 90064
Try this: The burrito grande, with black beans, rice, personal choice of grilled chicken, steak, fish and carnitas, and all the fixings will fill any post-surf appetite.
Description: This unimposing Mexican Food restaurant is just not traditional and standard since it seems, due to a unique menu that’s chock-full of healthy ingredients. Termed as a local go-to for fresh and healthy Mexican food, (with cheap prices in addition), burrito fans will taste the delicious difference that just fresh ingredients can provide.

3.?Taco Love
Price structure:
Address: 7980 W Sunset Blvd, La, CA 90046
Try this: Opt for the pollo (chicken) burrito with rice, beans, and fresh guacamole for any protein-packed lunch that should generate a good amount of energy for a day (or night) in the city.
Description: The name says all of it. This is a hip little fresh Mex spot that lets patrons craft their perfect taco, burrito, Cali burrito, or salad using a helpful yummy proteins and greens. You can go nuts, and top a side of fries with carne asada and creamy cheese, but health-conscious fans can create a lighter concoction too, with grilled green onions and fresh guacamole.

Photo Credit: HugosTacos.Com

4.?Hugos Tacos
Price range: $$
Location: Multiple Locations
Try this:?The Soy Chorizo with Mixed Veggies Burrito is a nice variation about the classic chicken or carnitas burrito.
Description: Chow down on classic, casual Mexican fare like tacos, burritos, and nachos. But don’t miss the wide variety of burrito fillings. There’s something for just anyone!

5.?Cilantro Always Fresh Mexican Grill
Cost bracket:
Address: 1359 S Main Street, New york, CA 90015
Try this: Go for the grilled chicken burrito, crafted with naturally raised chicken which was marinated in herbs and chipotle adobo for more flavor.
Description: This Downtown fave lives as much as its name using a perfectly fresh menu with plenty vegan options. The protein option is admirable with plenty of healthy staples, including grilled chicken, salmon, tilapia and veggies, so that it is very easy to build a tasty burrito it doesn’t skimp on big flavor.

6.?Olga’s Naturally
Price range: $
Location:?3560 S La Cienega Blvd, Are generally, CA 90016
Try this:?The Westside Burrito will impress any burrito aficionado. We like to the pollo asado variety best!
Description: This Mexican stand-by blends good casual California cuisine, like wraps and salads, with traditional Mexican food. They boast organic ingredients, as well as a huge menu items to select from.

7.?Mixto Comida Latina
Price range: $$
Location:?2827 Hyperion Ave, La, CA 90027
Try this: The Mixto Burrito has good health and delicious, constructed with a complete wheat tortilla and combining eggs with both tomatillo salsa and avocado.?And wash it down with the vegan Almond Vegan Horchata.
Description: Mixto offers gourmet tacos including soy chorizo and grass-fed carne asada, however the bulk of their menu is comprised of burritos and burrito bowls, in the vast variety which will make hard for burrito lovers to settle on. You might want to complete a second holiday to this popular joint!

8.?Leonor’s Vegetarian Mexican
Price range: $$
Location:?11403 Victory Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91606
Try this:?The Forever Young Buffalo Bill Burrito offers healthy ingredients like brown rice, pinto beans, avocado, and soy cheese, covered with an entirely wheat burrito. Their flaxseed Iced Tea is a superfood surprise!
Description: This original Mexican restaurant offers diners a vegetarian spin on classic salads, sandwiches, and entrees. On the other hand empanadas, tamales and especially their burritos are classified as the real crowd-pleasers here!

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