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By SkinnyMs.

Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, McIntosh, and many more! Get creative with this particular autumn’s batch of apples. From delicious recipes to fun crafts, we’ve compiled 10 creative activities to do along with the apples you’ll see on trees plus in the food market. We’ve all heard that “an apple on a daily basis keeps the physician away,” but ever thought about the real benefits associated with eating apples?

Nutrition scientists discovered that apples are full of antioxidants that enhance the immunity mechanism. Apples?are loaded with vit c and fiber (great for digestion!) and lower in calories, sodium, fat, and cholesterol. “Many of these benefits signify apples may [diminish] the negative impacts of asthma and Alzheimer’s disease, while assisting with weight-loss, bone health, pulmonary function and gastrointestinal protection” (Live Science).

Never let an apple get wasted using our number of 10 Creative Activities With Apples!

1. Have you’re cake and eat it too.
Love cheesecake but is not all of the fat and calories??Then you’re gonna love these bite size apple cheesecake treats.?

2. Soften the actual skin.
Mixing apples and oatmeal in to a nose and mouth mask?reduces wrinkles and inflammation. It smells delicious and feels heavenly!

3. Stuff these sweetness.
Sweet?baked apples taste delightful with honey, granola, and cinnamon stuffed didn’t remember the words!

4. Make dog treats.
Your pooch can usually antioxidants and fiber too!

5. Make potpourri.
Waft many of the delicious smells of autumn via your home by adding apple for a potpourri bowl.


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