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Having our cake and eating it too-it’s something most of us have wanted for decades. But up to now, healthy-minded girls have been getting choosing between low calorie sweeteners that appear to cause more problems than they solve, or eating treats with straight-up sugar, calories be darned. (With an eye-popping check out what sugar absolutely does for a body, look at this handy infographic.) Now, however, scientists have discovered a healthy protein that they say could possibly be the reply to all sweet-treat dreams.

Brazzein can be a protein obtained from the fruit with the Oubli plant found in West Africa. And in contrast to other plant-based sweeteners (like stevia), it’s 2,000 times sweeter than table sugar, so that it is a healthy, low-calorie alternative, in accordance with a report published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Scientists have known about brazzein for decades, though the plant only creates the protein in really small amounts, defining it as challenging to mass market. Nevertheless new research identifies the right way to use bacteria from yeast to help double the output of the stuff.

Before you put all your dieting dreams in this particular fruit, though, you can still find a great deal of unanswered questions. By way of example, would brazzein result in the same issue problem with brain chemicals that low calorie sweeteners do, making it harder to feel satiated? Would something so super-sweet just teach our tastebuds to prefer even sweeter things, bringing about more intense cravings? And so are there any health problems from eating it in concentrated doses? It may possibly somewhat be another type of a nutrient behaving for people like us in the whole-food form, but not-so-good for individuals in isolation.

While science sorts all this out, the best way forward remains to be moderation along with sweet treats inspite of the source, says nutrition expert Mike Rousell, Ph.D. Meanwhile, put that moderation into practice with such 10 healthy desserts sweetened operating natural sugars.