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Photo: Skinny Quinoa with Black Beans

We love quinoa for a couple of reasons. It makes an incredible pasta alternative, but has fewer carbs. Additionally it is considered a “perfect protein” as it features each of the essential proteins your body needs. Moreover, its slightly nutty, rice-like taste is delicious alone or put together with other foods. Numerous top quinoa dishes consist of vegetables as well as other healthy things that create a complete meal a single dish. ?We’ve included quinoa recipes for vegetarians and meat lovers.

Plus: Quinoa is naturally reduced in calories and fat and in protein, causeing this to be food perfect for weight-loss.

The best quinoa your meals are convenient, healthy, and delicious. Our set of healthy quinoa dishes means can never become bored enjoying this tasty grain. We’ve got an e-book that’s completely dedicated to quinoa. Look at New Quinoa eBook here.

Whether you are looking at an afternoon snack?or something to feed an audience, you will discover a recipe for everyone!

Listed listed below are 12 great quinoa recipes that will be clean-eating and rich in flavor:

1) ?Quinoa Almond Joy Bars?–?Indulge on this favorite treat, without sabotaging what you eat.

2) ?Quinoa Banana Berry Smoothie?is just the thing for breakfast or for a mid-day snack.

3) ?Quinoa Lentil Burger?–?No more over-processed soy protein burgers utilizing this type of filling & tasty vegetarian burger!

4) ?Quinoa Breakfast Cereal?is a lot healthier than sugar-filled boxed cereals.

5) ?Quinoa Protein Bars?makes an awesome pre or post-workout snack. This “no-sugar” added protein bar is designed for a mid-morning snack.

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6) ?Quinoa (Meatless) Meatballs??is?a great vegetarian option.?

7) ?Caprese Quinoa Salad?–?Quinoa?is their favorite in salads.

8) ?Gluten-free Quinoa Holiday Dressing?is a good?alternative to popular traditional turkey stuffing.

9) ?Quinoa Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms? is a?nice meat-free appetizer as well as a perfect ending towards a busy day.

10)?Quinoa and Shrimp Paella?is the ideal dish for your ceremonial dinner.

11) Skinny?Quinoa with Black Beans is one of the most popular recipes on?SkinnyMs.

12) Skillet Chicken & Quinoa Supper?is made using one skillet. ?We love easy prep recipes and this also one has a great balance.

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