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is an arduous condition to treat. Many of the methods currently used involve such things as opioid painkillers that, while often effective for the treatment this, are available with lots of negative effects. Patients having such drugs often complain about mental fogginess or physical dependency. So, having said that, it makes sense that a lot of people should find a way to treat their fibromyalgia through an alternative, non-drug therapy, as a TENS machine.

A TENS machine is a device that a lot of people turn to for you to treat their chronic pain. And reported by a lot of users, it really is powerful. But if you examine a few of the scientific research on the subject, the notion that it’s very effective treatments for fibromyalgia is bit less convincing. So what is actually a TENS machine? And is it just right for fibromyalgia.

What Is really a Tens Machine?

TENS represents “transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.” And it works by sending a lightweight current of electricity from the machine across the skin. ?The theory is the electricity stimulates the nerve, crowding out of pain signals and reducing the amount of pain the sufferer experiences.

TENS machines are quite popular by athletes, who frequently experience strained or pulled muscles. Sports therapists often use TENS machines to aid with all the healing process lower pain. Additionally, a lot of people that suffer from chronic pain conditions like arthritis will turn to a TENS machine at some point.

Most machines are very portable and battery powered. Which means that you can attach these phones a belt and use them during the day. You utilize a TENs machine by placing two adhesive patches directly on the area you intend to treat and slowly adjusting the voltage. You ought to stop when it becomes painful at any time. The relief than a TENS machine provides is often very temporary, so you’ll need to power it down and also on once or twice at all hours if you would like the best results.

There are lots of locations which you can get a TENS machine. Many drugstores sell them and a lot of physiotherapist offices may have one on location that you may try for anybody who is interested. Additionally you can certain that your. Many niche for lower than $100 and you can read reviews to ensure you get the very best one.

Is It Effective for Fibromyalgia?

At first glance, it’s easy to imagine why this a TENs machine may be effective for the treatment fibromyalgia.

Pain emanates from the interaction amongst the nerves along with the brain. Your muscles send signals on the nerves in answer to break. The human brain then interprets these signals and makes you feel what we call pain. In fibromyalgia, these signals are transported to as their pharmicudical counterpart even without actual damage. So, whatever disrupts the flow of pain signals,?as a TENS machine ought to, could easily help provide some respite.

But almost all the studies which have been done on the subject are convinced that how useful a TENS machine could possibly be in your case varies widely. Therefore problems apparently take advantage of TENS units, like peripheral neuropathy, this is a chronic pain condition a result of injury to the nerves. And this also appears to be the real key to determining if a certain condition will manage to benefit from TENS therapy. Problems that are due to nerve interactions often benefit, meaning how the concept behind TENS is useful.

But for other issues, like chronic back problems as a consequence of injury, TENs doesn’t are generally as effective. And complicate things even more, final results that someone patient gets from TENS therapy seems to be based upon someone being managed and the level of voltage being employed.

With that said, there’s evidence that some patients might actually make use of TENS unit. And if going into your therapy realizing that your results is actually a little not as much as stellar, there’s really no harm in giving it a go.

The only real risk is that you have an implantable medical device as a pacemaker. The electric currents can impact the typical operation of such devices. So, it’s crucial to talk to a doctor make sure that TENs therapy is safe for you before attempting it.

But inform us, will you work with a TENS machine on your fibromyalgia? Does it work available for you? Inform us from the comments below.