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Ready for sleeveless dresses, swimsuits, and tank tops? When your arms aren’t quite yet in hot temps condition, we can assist you to tone and tighten them with a quick workout. Take Quarter of an hour through your day, couple of days weekly, and you’ll see sculpted arms before you’re willing to shed your cardigans.

Defined arms don’t take hours to sculpt. In Fifteen minutes, this non-stop arm workout will increase your biceps and triceps, leaving you with a wonderful balance. You’ll perform curls, kickbacks, and tricep extensions in an effort to work these key arm muscles you might say that may produce visible results.?This workouts are all weights. No chisel needed.

Equipment Needed: Medium weights (8-12 lbs), interval timer?(Gymboss is often a free app download).

What to accomplish:?Perform each exercise for One minute and jump right within the next. Rest 60 seconds or so concerning rounds. Evaluate the videos below for instructions. Perform this workout twice a week.

Beginner’s Level:?2?rounds
Intermediate-Advanced Level:?3?rounds


1. Tricep Pushups
2. Cross Body Hammer Curls
3. Tricep Kickback
4. Wide Bicep Curl
5. Alternating Tricep Extension
6. Zottoman Curl
7. Chair Dip

Tricep Pushups

Cross Body Hammer Curls

?Tricep Kickback

Wide Bicep Curl

Alternating Tricep Extension

Zottoman Curl

Chair Dip

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