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Ever scan through a recipe that appears fantastic, just to spot a number of what aren’t compliant with all your clean, healthy eating plan? Don’t toss out that recipe! Take a glance at our listing of healthy substitutions, and reinvent that delicious recipe as a healthy, nutritious recipe!


Butter does lend wonderful taste with a recipes, and can be enjoyed on occasion. But since it is loaded with calories along with saturated fats, it can be a threat towards your waistline and also your cholesterol level!

For Frying:

Butter may be replaced with olive oil, which can be rich in omega-3 efas to help you control cholesterol. Organic extra-virgin olive oil is lower in fats and in heart-healthy mono- and polyunsaturated fats. Like butter, it brings a richness to dishes.

For Baking:

Applesauce (for half the butter requested)
Mashed Banana (for half the butter essential)
Coconut oil (can replace the full amount of butter)

Check out our Hearty Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, baked with coconut oil as an alternative to butter.

Ground Beef

Like butter, ground beef can be delicious and is particularly a great addition to the occasional meal. However, love butter, it’s an excellent source of calories and unhealthy fats. Supplanted if, like most individuals, you pay for your meat from the market. Factory-farmed meat is often substantially higher in fats and reduced in omega-3’s. Generally, you could expect local, organic meat being more nutritious than factory-farmed.?Find the following substitutes in burgers, meatballs, chili, or Bolognese sauce:

Ground Chicken
Ground Turkey
Crumbled Tofu
Quinoa (high in protein!)

See our Quinoa Meatless Meatball recipe to get inspired.


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