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By SkinnyMs.

Calories burned. Steps taken. Sleep logged. There’s plenty to hold on top of in case you are striving to lose excess weight and healthy. Thankfully, your journey to some fitter life’s facilitated with fitness trackers including the Fitbit. Listed below are 10 Unique Functions for a physical fitness Tracker.

You’ll find many fitness trackers available lately.?Fitbit has become the well-known. In the Fitbit Charge to the Fitbit Surge, the emblem offers plenty of choices to help you to shed weight and improve health. Based on the model, trackers can monitor heartrate, count calories, show daily activity, log sleep, and even more.

But did you realize there exists a approach to power-up your fitness tracker to help you to utilise all that information to make better decisions?

Enter IFTTT. It’s a web service (short for If This Than That) that lets you access pre-made programs, called recipes, that expand how a device functions. Web programmers make these recipes situated on IFTTT for download. So, by way of example, you can find a recipe that can text the actual weather every morning.

If you might have a fitness tracker, IFTTT recipes will assist you to make the device far better. They’re not any type of recipes we usually share on SkinnyMs., but the world thinks they’re pretty cool:

1. Set walking reminders
Don’t allow day get off you! This IFTTT fitness recipe sends a stern reminder for your smartphone there are achieved your step goal by a certain time, offering you enable you to pump up those steps. Learn tricks for How to Walk 10,000 Steps daily.

2. Remember to go to bed earlier
This sleep recipe nudges you to definitely turn in earlier in case your sleep falls below the specific time. Try these 9 Ideas to Advance Sleep.

3. Track your sleep
Keep track of your zzz’s with this particular Fitbit Tracker recipe, which logs sleep patterns and saves them towards a Google spreadsheet in order to easily view them.

4. Share your accomplishments with friends and family
This recipe posts to Facebook while you achieve daily step goal you’ve set. It’s just a good way to motivate yourself-and maybe foster a bit competitiveness with friends. Wanting a option to try a partner? Grab somebody and do our 30-Day No-Soda Challenge.

5. Rat yourself too much for your trainer
For anybody who is by using a trainer or simply a fitness buddy, this recipe texts the face once you haven’t reached an every day goal by the certain time.


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